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I’m Ivy Turner and I am a massage therapist, master astrologer, tarot card reader, shaman, and the founder of Different-Functional. I utilize this diversified skill set to assist my clients in addressing a wide variety of concerns. I apply a holistic philosophy in this work, helping my clients to improve their health and the overall state of their lives by collaborating with them to devise and implement strategies which will ensure the successful achievement of their goals.

Holistic” has become a buzzword we often hear in context of health and wellness, but the true essence of the word has mostly been lost in translation and is frequently misapplied. Holism, in its simplest definition, is the recognition and understanding that everything is interconnected.

In the Western world we are rapidly losing touch with the interconnectedness found in the natural order of the universe. Instead, we are being encouraged to compartmentalize and specialize everything in our lives. We segregate ourselves on the basis of culture, religion, education, profession, and socioeconomic class. We take lengthy, expensive educational routes because it has been ingrained in us that financial success and prestige can only be attained through the acquisition of a highly specialized skill set. We are constantly barraged with messages, both subliminal and glaring, which glorify the over-consumption of products and food that we are assured will bring us more happiness, but which in truth bring us primarily debt, disease, and the pervasive feeling that we will never HAVE or BE enough. And when the stress catches up to us, causing our physical or mental health to falter, we are bounced from one medical specialist to another because none of them are trained to see the big picture or to actively collaborate with practitioners in complementary fields.

When you start keeping a tally of all the odds stacked against us something becomes patently clear: The world view we’ve been sold by the society in which we live is distorted and fundamentally imbalanced; and we are all paying the price for it.

We are not being taught the skills necessary to confidently care and advocate for ourselves, or even to understand ourselves. We are not being taught how to work independently or in compassionate collaboration with others in order to improve the state of our lives and the world in which we live, for the benefit of all. As a result, our inner equilibrium is faltering. We are not in harmony with those around us or with the universe at large. At best, we are in competition with them, and at worst we are waging war against them.

I firmly believe that a holistic approach is essential to regaining our equilibrium and our harmonious connection with all that surrounds us. We are more than the sum of our parts, our many components and facets of self are naturally intended to operate cohesively. All too often though, we invest the vast majority of our time, resources, and effort in one area of our lives because we believe that we are only capable of addressing one concern at a time, or because we think that correcting this “one thing” will somehow magically fix everything else too. More often than not, this approach actually lends itself to the development of debilitating burnout, intense stress, failing health, and damaged relationships. If, however, we can instead learn how to distribute our attention and energy more strategically, always keeping in mind the interconnectedness of everything within and around us, we will find ourselves operating with greater understanding, efficiency, and productivity; leading ultimately to a more fulfilling life, one that is characterized by increased happiness and success.

The pursuit of Success and Happiness is dynamic and continually evolving. If we are to be in alignment with these energies we must be adaptable and wise when making decisions and taking action in our lives. In so doing, we will be surprised to find that Success and Happiness become our traveling companions on our journey through life, rather than being a destination that is perpetually out of our reach.

To learn more about my own journey and how it led me to embrace this philosophy click here to read the blog I wrote about it:


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